Discover or restart your career

To discover or restart your career you may need to ask yourself some big questions. What do you want to do? What are you good at? What do you need to learn?

Building a career toolbox of self-awareness and knowledge can help you answer these questions and set you on your path to meaningful work and a satisfying career.

Talking to someone can also help you understand and set your career goals. Why not book an appointment with a Careers Practitioner today.

Career toolbox exercises

Self-awareness tool 1

Seek to understand yourself and your life stage.

  • What are my interests?

  • What are my values?

  • What do I like doing?

  • What am I good at?

  • Do I want a job or a career?

  • What are my needs?

  • How important is money to me versus other job rewards?

  • Am I good at balancing work and leisure?

Knowledge tool 1

Learn more about different careers.

  • What type of career do I want?

  • What types are out there anyway?

  • Do I have the right skills or abilities?

  • Who can I talk to?

Self-awareness tool 2

Work life insight.

Think about what it means to work in a job that interests you.

What do you need to understand better?

  • What do I know about my potential employer?

  • How can I find out?

  • What type of person are they looking for?

  • How do my skills and career goals align?

Knowledge tool 2

Education and training.

You know what you’d like to do but sense you need something more.

  • What training and skills might I need?

  • How do I find the right course?

  • Should I ask a careers practitioner or an Industry volunteer?

  • What online information is available?

Self-awareness tool 3


Keeping in touch with colleagues and acquaintances.

Tell them you're looking for work or starting a new career.

A lot of jobs depend on word-of-mouth referrals.

  • What network of contacts do I have that can help connect me?

  • What should I ask them?

  • How do I expand my contacts?

Knowledge tool 3

The job market.

Another straightforward way to find work is through job ads.

Finding your way around online job ads is a skill you need to know.

  • What sites should I visit?
  • What sites are there?
  • How do I work out what my pay should be?

Self-awareness tool 4

Interview skills.

Be thoughtful when you go for a job.

Be prepared for challenging questions.

  • What questions are they likely to ask me?

  • How do I prepare?

  • What should I wear?

  • Do I talk about money?

Knowledge tool 4

Your resume or CV.

Along with your cover letter, this is very important for telling people who you are.

Keep it specific and achievement focused.

  • What should I put in a resume? Education and experience?

  • Are there any suggested resume formats?

  • How long should my cover sheet be?

  • Do I talk myself up or stick to basics?

Resources and support

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